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Our Services


Ark of Caring offers the latest amenities to ensure your loved one’s safety, security and ability to thrive within the smaller environment. Your loved one will received all the best services found in a larger assisted living environment with more personalized care and support.

1. Basic Medical Monitoring – facility provides the resident’s basic medical needs such as daily medication administration.


2. Daily activities care - this service include assistance with getting dressed, moving around, toileting, bathing or any other daily living need that the resident needs help with.


3. Supervision and security – residents have the comfort knowing that there is constant supervision and security at the facility should any emergencies arise. The Facility has emergency alert system in place.

4. Meals – residents are provided 3 home cooked meals a day plus snacks, all prepared by the facility.


5. Housekeeping – the resident’s rooms offer basic housekeeping services.


6. Laundry – laundry service is provided in the facility.


7. Health and exercise programs – residents will have access to a variety of health exercise programs.


8. Social programs – residents can interact with other senior/caregivers/owners in the facility in numerous ways. Facility will also supervise in-house social activities or planned outings.

"Safety, Security & Ability to Thrive"
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