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Our Mission

Ark of Caring Assisted Living Home aims to deliver services in the way our owner and clients want them delivered, with exemplary service, compassion and respect. ACALH provides the highest quality services to clients residing in our home. We hire the best individuals in the field to ensure client’s satisfaction and welfare. We maintain a culture of professionalism and caring in the workplace that positively impacts the community, its employees and the individuals we serve. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of how to serve our clients is one of the biggest assets we provide to the community. 

  • We value honesty, fairness and integrity, we will tell the truth.

  • We value quality resident centered care, we will always place residents first.

  • We value education and development, we will constantly learn.

  • We value exceptional customer service, we will show this in everything we do.

  • We value change and the ability to adapt, we will dwell only in the present and future.

  • We value knowledge, we will listen, discover, invent and simplify.

  • We value progress, we will never stop asking why or why not.

  • We value everyone, for we will be for everyone.

  • We value wealth, we will create it by creating value.

  • We value construction, we are pioneers, we are here to create.

Our Values

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